What is the Velocity Network?

The Velocity Network provides senior IT decision makers with access to the emerging technologies and leading companies shaping the technology landscape. The network is designed to give decision makers the power to discover the most promising startups creating solutions for the enterprise, explore emerging trends, and build community with peers who share the same challenges and successes within a private, professional network. The Velocity Network is committed to sharing thought leadership and presenting the very best enterprise startups from across the industry.

Who is behind the Velocity Network?

The Velocity Network was co-founded by two of the world’s leading venture capital firms, CRV (Charles River Ventures) and General Catalyst. The effort is spearheaded by CRV General Partner Izhar Armony and General Catalyst Managing Director Larry Bohn. Over time, the Network will expand to other organizations.

Who is Traction Technology Partners and what is their involvement in the Velocity Network?

Traction Technology Partners works with CRV and General Catalyst to help operate and manage the Velocity Network. TTP brings 25 years of experience building world-class technology events and analyzing technology trends. TTP Founding Partners, Erick Schonfeld and Neal Silverman, are the creative and business minds who produced DEMO and TechCrunch Disrupt, discovering thousands of the world’s most innovative products.

Why did CRV and General Catalyst start the Velocity Network?

We wanted to create a professional network where senior enterprise executives and startup founders could exchange ideas face-to-face on a regular basis. Enterprise executives are constantly looking for the best ideas and new technologies to bring into their companies to help give themselves a competitive edge. Startups are the source of innovation and growth in the economy. The Velocity Network is designed to connect these two groups through a series of sessions in New York City with thought-provoking speakers, product demos, and one-on-one meetings.

Why is the Velocity Network starting in New York City?

There are many programs that bring enterprise companies to Silicon Valley, but we want to bring Silicon Valley to the enterprises. Many large corporations are based in or near New York City. It’s always been one of the best places in the world to do business.

Who can join the Velocity Network?

The Velocity Network is reserved for enterprise executives–IT decision makers and influencers–as well as enterprise-ready startups.

How can enterprise executives apply to join?

Executives can apply at www.velocitynet.com. Once the application is received, it will be reviewed promptly and, depending on the executive’s position, interests, and experience, will either be accepted or declined.

How can startups apply to present?

Enterprise-ready startups can also apply at www.velocitynet.com. Startups are not limited to the CRV and General Catalyst portfolios, but they must exhibit traction with enterprise customers or demonstrate that they are at the forefront of a new technology wave that will bring new capabilities to enterprise customers.

What are the benefits of joining the Velocity Network?

Executives get exposure to the world’s leading enterprise startups, can attend regular Velocity Discovery Series events, network with their peers facing similar challenges, and connect online to both peers and vetted startups in a private network. For startups, the benefits are connecting with key decision-makers in the enterprise.

Does it cost anything to join or participate?

No. The Velocity Network is free for all members who meet the qualifications. Every startup and executive must be vetted and approved before joining.

Where can I find a schedule of upcoming events?

The full list of events for the Velocity Network is available on the Velocity Network website (www.velocitynet.com). Members can reserve a spot for any upcoming event that fits their interests, and prospective members can request an invite.

What types of enterprise leaders join the network?

Members span across every major industry—finance, banking, media, technology, online, digital, telecommunications, retail, insurance—and have positions ranging from CIO, CTO, CMO, and CDO to Senior IT Executives and Managers. Typically, the participating enterprise members work at companies with revenues exceeding $1 billion, or are high-growth, well-known digital businesses.

What enterprise topics can members expect to cover during the sessions?

Several different areas of the enterprise will be covered: Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, IIT infrastructure, Digital, Commerce, Cloud, DevOps, and more. Other interesting topics include Enterprise Robotics and AI/Machine Learning. Members will have the ability to influence event topics based on feedback they provide at events and online.